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KeyTrack® International Limited has developed online reports called Transaction Status Reports (TSR's) and Marketing Status Reports (MSR's), creating a true online, real time interface between all parties associated with an Agreement to buy or sell property. The parties involved are able to make notes on the KeyTrack® central database, which is password protected and fully secure. KeyTrack® then communicates, on behalf of all parties, keeping everyone in the loop as to the progress of the deal, particularly the Key milestones, therefore saving all parties valuable time and preventing possible communication breakdown. Whether you are a Vendor, Purchaser, Lawyer, Legal Executive, Secretary, Bank Manager, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Manager, Real Estate Administrator or Real Estate Agent, you will save time, stress and money if all parties are using the KeyTrack® system.

The KeyTrack® software was originally developed in New Zealand having had its first patent granted in this country. Patents are pending in other countries.

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Lawyers & Legal Executives

If your firm is licensed to use KeyTrack®, you can create a TSR for your client's sale or purchase when logged into your firm's KeyTrack® website. Or, if you prefer, your Legal Secretary/Assistant can create your TSRs for you noting, in the TSR, that you are the Producer/Author acting for the client. The four main stages when Email or SMS Text updates are sent to all parties concerned are as follows:


  • 1. When the TSR is created: Everyone concerned receives an email from the Lawyer/Legal Executive via KeyTrack®, advising that you are acting on your client's sale or purchase, listing your client's name and the property address. The email also contains each party's own, unique login details and a link to the KeyTrack® website for them to login. All parties are advised that you will keep them updated, via email updates. These email updates are signed off by you, the author.
  • 2. When you add a note to the TSR, or one of the conditions is satisfied: The law firm user logs into KeyTrack®, opens the TSR and adds a note, or selects 'Yes' for the condition that has been satisfied. Then the user checks the boxes listed in the TSR, under the Law Firm Notes section, for the parties they want to email. This ensures these parties receive an 'Update' email, with a PDF copy of the TSR attached, or they can login to the TSR, to view your note or see that a condition has been satisfied.
  • 3. When the Agreement goes Unconditional: The law firm user logs into KeyTrack® and updates the TSR to 'Yes' in the Unconditional Section. This activates automated emails to all the parties concerned letting them know that the deal is now unconditional. Clients, Agents and Mortgage Brokers also receive SMS Text updates at this stage.
  • 4. When the Agreement Settles: The law firm user logs into KeyTrack® and updates the TSR to 'Yes' in the Settled Section. This activates automated emails to go out to all parties concerned, advising them that settlement has occurred and that keys can be released, if appropriate. Clients, Agents and Mortgage Brokers also receive SMS Text updates at this stage.





Real Estate Agents


Agents, you receive FREE email updates when a TSR is created by a KeyTrack® Licensed Law Firm. The TSR is created by the Law Firm when a signed Agreement for Sale and Purchase has been received by them. You will receive further FREE email and SMS Text updates when the deal goes unconditional and settles. How convenient!

As an agent you can login to your own KeyTrack® Home Page (at, using your own, unique login details, to view TSRs created by any KeyTrack® Law Firm in New Zealand, where you are listed in as the agent, all with just the ONE login.

You can add your own notes to your TSRs. Alerts are emailed to your client, as well as their Lawyer or Legal Executive, advising them you have added a note to the TSR. A great way to communicate!

You can also create your own marketing reports, called Marketing Status Reports (MSRs), in KeyTrack®. MSRs are just $5 each, GST inclusive, and detail a vendor client's property being marketed for sale. The MSR will send email updates to your Client, Branch Manager and Administrator as you update it with new notes regarding open homes and interested buyers etc and your client can also add their own notes. You can list website URL hyperlinks and attach relevant documents such as Title Searches, or suggested marketing material etc to your MSRs, creating a shared online report that helps to keep everyone up to date, regarding the marketing progress of your deals.

When you are logged into KeyTrack® you can update your own contact details under your "My Info" tab and you can contact us on 0800 KeyTrack or for FREE user support.


(If you are not listed please contact us immediately and we will ensure you are added to the Database)




Real Estate Agency Branch Managers /

Branch Administrators

Branch Managers and Branch Administrators will also receive their own email updates from the Law Firm, via KeyTrack®, at all of these important stages. Therefore the Branch Administrator can deal with the release of deposits, etc and both parties are kept in the loop regarding your property deals.

Branch Administrators, or Managers, will receive a monthly email from us, enabling them to see if their KeyTrack® Agent List needs updating. We are happy to do this for them, or they can login to their Branch Record in KeyTrack®, to archive any agents who have left, edit existing ones, or add any new agents themselves.

They can also update their branch details or their own contact details under their own "My Info" tab. Once again, they can phone or email us for FREE user support on 0800KeyTrack or


(If it is not listed please contact us immediately and we will ensure it is added to the Database)




For the Public

If you are going to buy or sell a home, an investment property or any other type of property in New Zealand then look for a KeyTrack® Licensed Law Firm.

Why? Because they can create an online shared report called a TSR (Transaction Status Report) to follow your property transaction's progress.

They will add the contact details, including your email address/es and mobile phone numbers, for you, your Real Estate Agent, your Mortgage Broker (if there is one involved) and any other interested parties that you nominate to the list of participants in the TSR. You and all these other parties will all receive Email and SMS Text Message updates, when your file is opened at the law firm, when the agreement goes unconditional and finally when it settles.

So, if your law firm uses KeyTrack®, no matter where you are when your sale or purchase goes unconditional or settles, you can be kept well informed using today's modern means of communication.





Mortgage Brokers & Personal Bankers

When arranging your client's finance to get them into their new home, or to buy their investment property, as their financier you may get 'left out of the loop' when it comes to finding out how your client's purchase is proceeding. But, if your client uses a KeyTrack® Licensed Law Firm you too could be included as a participant in their KeyTrack® TSR.

Just ask your clients if they are using a KeyTrack® Licensed Law Firm and if they are, could they add you as a contact for their TSR. You will then receive Email updates when the Agreement is received at the law firm, when any notes are added to this central report, when the purchase goes unconditional and when the deal settles. We suggest that you, with your client's consent, provide your business card, showing your email address and mobile number, to their Lawyer/Legal Executive, at the beginning of the transaction for inclusion in the TSR.





Other Interested Parties

(Trustees, Company Directors, POA Holders etc)

If you are a Trustee, a Company Director, hold Power of Attorney for someone, or any other interested party to a property deal in New Zealand and would like to be kept up to date with its progress, then the KeyTrack® communications can also help you.

Should the entity you are associated with be represented by a KeyTrack® Licensed Law Firm, you could also be kept up to date via the Email & SMS Text Message updates.

Just let the Lawyer or Legal Executive know what your interest in the deal is, and if the client entity is happy for you to be added to the TSR, you too could be kept up with the play, right through to the deal going unconditional and finally settling.



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