For Agents

KeyTrack® allows you as an Agent to follow your clients property deal

Keytrack For Agents

All licensed Real Estate Agents in New Zealand are able to use the KeyTrack® web based software.


The advantages to you are:

The TSR advantages:
  1. You are able to view all of your deals (with your single login) that are being handled by any law firm that is licensed to use KeyTrack® throughout New Zealand.
  2. You will receive Email and SMS text message updates, simultaneously with your Manager and Administrator, as soon as your deal becomes unconditional, saving your team valuable time when processing your commissions due.
  3. You will receive further Email and SMS text message updates, simultaneously with your Manager and Administrator, as soon as the deal has settled, once again saving your team valuable time in releasing the keys.
  4. You are able to make notes for the Lawyers, your clients, your Manager or your Administrator all to view, to assist in the smooth running of the property deal.
  5. You no longer need to waste your resources to call or fax the law firm for an update on your deals.
  6. You have the benefit of using generic software, which is available to you regardless of which agency you work for. Accordingly, there is no re-training for you if you transfer agencies.
  7. You can attach photos and any other documents to the TSR, to help keep all interested parties up to date and informed.
  8. You can modify your own contact details within the KeyTrack® site, under your own 'My Info' tab.
  9. You will be seen to be progressive, by using the latest technology that is available to communicate with your clients and management team.
  10. There is no cost to the real estate sector to utilise the KeyTrack® TSRs that are created and updated by licensed KeyTrack® law firms.


The MSR advantages:
  1. You can communicate with your clients, Manager, Administrator and KeyTrack® Lawyer from the day a listing is created, all from the one online shared document. This keeps all parties up to date simultaneously.
  2. You can advise of marketing progress online and at the same time follow your deals that have been sent off to the lawyers, all under one login.
  3. Your clients will be impressed that you are using this leading edge technology to keep them up to date as to the marketing progress of their property, in addition to the traditional face to face and telephone communication.
  4. The software is generic and works at all agencies in New Zealand. Accordingly, you will not need to learn new software if you transfer agencies.
  5. MSRs are pay as you go if you elect to use the KeyTrack® communication system. They are currently charged at $5.00 (inc GST) each, or you can purchase a package of 15 MSRs online for $50.00 (inc GST).
  6. You can attach your own marketing to the MSR, or create a hyperlink to your marketing that you may have done on your agency's own website or on: (REINZ),, etc so that your vendor has a central record of all the marketing that you are doing for them, and links to all of these sites directly from their KeyTrack® MSRs.


PC2TXT Service

This is a premium texting service that you can elect to use when logged into KeyTrack®. Your branch agents are all pre-loaded, saving you time entering their names and numbers. Texts cost 40c (inc GST) for each recipient. KeyTrack® invoices you each fortnight direct (via email) for any TXTs you have sent. This service is ideal for Branch Managers / Administrators to utilise when co-coordinating sales meetings with your agents.

Under your 'Text Messaging' tab you can TXT your branch staff (or any staff at your company nationwide) who are listed in KeyTrack®, or you can TXT your clients.

NB: Add clients to your own database when you are logged into KeyTrack® under the: 'MSRs' - 'My Clients' - 'Add New' links.


Branch Managers

You too have all of the same benefits as listed above for agents, as well as being able to view all of the deals that your agents are handling at your branch, along with any other branches you may administer. All of this is available to you using your 'one login' to access your KeyTrack® Homepage. There is Freephone and email support available to you at no charge on: 0800KeyTrack or at:


If you would like to check to see if your branch is listed correctly in our nationwide KeyTrack® Real Estate Database you can search this link: Please contact us if you need to update any of your details listed here.


If you would like to find out if you are in the KeyTrack® Real Estate Database and/or obtain your KeyTrack® logins please contact our Database Team directly for assistance.


Call us on Freephone: 0800 KeyTrack (0800 539 872)

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