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KeyTrack® allows you as a vendor or purchaser of property to follow your property deal

Keytrack For Public

KeyTrack® allows you as a vendor or purchaser of property to follow your property deal online only if the lawyer that you use is licensed to use the KeyTrack® software, or if your Real Estate Agent has created an MSR. For a list of licensed law firms click here →.


The advantages to you are

  1. You do not need to phone your lawyer to see your status of your property deal as this is contained in your TSR.

  2. You have access to your deal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  3. You will receive text and email alerts upon your agreement being declared unconditional. This gives you knowledge of this fact at the earliest possible opportunity hence you'll have more time to organise the necessary matters required to be completed prior to settlement of your property transaction ( signing of loan agreements, organising insurance and removal vans)

  4. You will receive text and emails on your deal settling including notification that keys can be collected if you are buying or handed over if are selling a property again saving you valuable time.

  5. If you have multiple transactions on the go you are able to view all of those transactions with your single log in saving you time phoning or emailing lawyers associated with each deal.

  6. The electronic file is stored indefinitely for you to access (free of charge) at any time in the future.

  7. You will access to your TSR & MSR's globally and will receive text message updates globally.

  8. Your agent also has access to your TSR saving you hassles in having to communicate with your agents as well as your lawyer

  9. Your agents are able to create a Marketing Status Report (MSR) in KeyTrack® keeping you updated with online developments relating to the marketing of your property for sale e.g. the outcome of your open homes and not just weekly activity by post but real time activity online.

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